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Everything Shani wants to try & DIY

Hi! My name is Shani, I'm 20 and some change, I'm from Brooklyn NY but I now reside in Westchester County (the suburbs of NY), I am a photographer, (HBCU) college graduate, lover of lots of things and this is my side blog. I made it to collect and keep track of the things that I want to try and figured I'd share with whoever wants to see and utilize it! Enjoy!💛

Disclaimer: All of the photos on here aren't originally mine. Credit is however given to the original blogs/websites that I get these DIY projects from unless they are originally mine. :-)
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A great money saving technique.


My friend took me on a two mile hike through some woods that is home to deer, which lead to this mountain top, hundreds of feet above the trees. Was I scared out of mind? Yess! But once I got back to the bottom and realized what I just did, it felt so good. Carefree Black woman tings a gwan



You are not a burden.

You are not a bother.

You enhance the lives of others.

People smile, not groan, when you text them.

Your voice.

Your presence.

You, matter.


by Carol Rossetti

Wear what you want, not what society thinks you should.

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You come first

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If you own a dog, please share.

Even if you don’t own a dog, please share

This is good to know.

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Tips to stay motivated in your health, fitness, and wellness goals!


Tips to stay motivated in your health, fitness, and wellness goals!

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Meet Cory Nieves. He’s a dapper, 10-year old CEO of Mr. Cory’s Cookies who started his own booming cookie business in an effort to help his mom buy a car after moving from NYC to New Jersey in 2009.

Look how he walks with such pride and his head held so high. Love it.


🍇💜Purplelicous🍇💜 #colorcurls #curlyfro


Toronto Island

Swimsuit Designed by Me

Whoa! 💛💛💛

The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts.
Marianne Williamson (via lesbianesetrini)
If they don’t know you personally, don’t take it personal.
Khleo Thomas (via sofia—tortilla)

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I like to call this, “Core Work Conversations” I started laughing when Isaiah grabbed his feet like me😆 #proudmom by readysetflow_ http://instagram.com/p/r4mZncPQEp/

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