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Hi! My name is Shani, I'm 20 and some change, I'm from Brooklyn NY but I now reside in Westchester County (the suburbs of NY), I am a photographer, (HBCU) college graduate, lover of lots of things and this is my side blog. I made it to collect and keep track of the things that I want to try and figured I'd share with whoever wants to see and utilize it! Enjoy!💛

Disclaimer: All of the photos on here aren't originally mine. Credit is however given to the original blogs/websites that I get these DIY projects from unless they are originally mine. :-)
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Real wealth comes from appreciating what you have.

These are on sale at Target so I figured I’d give them a try.


When we think we love someone, it’s important to clarify with ourselves and know if it’s them we love, or our ideas of them and who they can potentially be. Love is accepting people as they are and not wanting to change a thing about them.

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There’s so many beautiful black women on this website of all shades, with flawless hair, skin, eyebrows, make-up skills, fashion sense and everything. Shout out to y’all. You’re beautiful. Own it.

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Tattoo # 10

We create frustration when we expect to be perfect as we seek to be better. Instead of getting upset when you falter on your path, love and accept yourself right where you are and keep making the effort to get better. Instead of waiting for others to give you love and approval, find it within yourself. Give yourself the gift of love and be patient with yourself.

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We do much damage by not being patient with our own evolution …
We suffer from the cultural misapprehension that waiting means doing nothing. Great fanfare … usually attends the moment of inspiration, the aha, the eureka … Little notice, however, is taken of the usually lengthy period that precedes it - the period of observation, meditation, experimentation, uncertainty, frustration, fits and starts; the period of asking the questions over and over, of sleeping on it and pitching in our sleep. We love the answers and suffer the questions. We worship the flower and ignore the soil. We covet the diamond and overlook the pressure it took to make it.
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I can’t believe i didn’t realize this but don’t forget the eclipse is technically tonight!
It’s snowing here i don’t even know if i’ll get to see it, so bummed…

from TJ ” Just to clarify and avoid disappointments, the blood moon is TONIGHT peaking at 1 AM (Utah time) Tuesday morning, NOT tomorrow evening. So don’t look out for it Tuesday night, it would have passed.

Here’s a map of eclipse visibility across the world.

Happy new beginnings, and happy moon gazing!

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The floor is lava. [vid]

This is one of the best gifs

omfg I’ve only ever seen the end part of this gif this is amazing

im sorry this is too cute

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Natural Ginger Ale

Recipe: Natural Ginger Ale

Summary: Natural fermented drinks contained beneficial enzymes and…

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Sometimes taking care of yourself and your health means not working out. Rest and recover instead. Don’t push yourself so hard that you break, physically or mentally.



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Maintaining Healthy Ends

When I first started wearing my natural hair out i noticed that a lot of my styles looked messy and limp, and I realised that this was because my ends were in terrible condition. Although damaged ends are less obvious on naturally curly/kinky hair, they can really affect the look of twistouts/braidouts or any out style. 

Some people prefer to trim their hair on set schedule and this works for them. However, I have found that dusting my ends regularly is the best for me. It keeps my ends from ever getting to the stage where it causes more breakage to the rest of my hair. 

What I do - whenever my hair is in twists (i.e. when I am washing it or doing a twist-out) I inspect the ends of the twists. If I see that there is significant thinning like it pictured above, I trim.

So far, I have needed to do this dusting about once a month. As you can see above, I never have to cut a significant amount of hair and I haven’t noticed any difference in length retention from doing this. If I find that my hair is particularly damaged, I will do a bigger trim to make sure any split ends are definitely gone. 

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Turn on the app If you feel unsafe hold your finger on the screen. Once arrived to a safe location, enter your code. If your finger leaves the screen without entering the code law enforcement is notified and your location is tracked through your phone.

reblogging bc this seems really useful

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So far, this bodysuit is all I got for my birthday and I bought it for myself. I ordered it online from Asos. I read a lot of bad reviews for asos but I wanted to take a chance and I’m a satisfied customer. Coming from the UK to NY so quickly is impressive to me. Especially since they offer free shipping on any purchase.