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Everything Shani wants to try & DIY

Hi! My name is Shani, I'm 20 and some change, I'm from Brooklyn NY but I now reside in Westchester County (the suburbs of NY), I am a photographer, (HBCU) college graduate, lover of lots of things and this is my side blog. I made it to collect and keep track of the things that I want to try and figured I'd share with whoever wants to see and utilize it! Enjoy!💛

Disclaimer: All of the photos on here aren't originally mine. Credit is however given to the original blogs/websites that I get these DIY projects from unless they are originally mine. :-)
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I wonder how big my puff would’ve been before my trim on Tuesday. Anyways, I’m trying to soothe myself while stimulate hair growth by applying a mixture (mixed in my palm) of peppermint, lavender and ylang ylang oils to my scalp and the castor oil is for my edges.

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